User Agreement

Service policy:

We aim to deliver a professional and quality service, by completing the bulk of relevant documentation needed by the South African Police Service FLASH (Firearms, Liquor and Second Hand Goods) Head Office, on your behalf.
Southern African Wingshooters Association cannot be held responsible for incomplete/incorrect applications in the event that a client did not provide the association with all relevant information.
It remains the responsibility of the client to ensure the information contained in the application is true and correct, to the best of his/her knowledge.
There are Designated Firearms Officers that prefer the applicant complete the forms by hand. Please confirm this matter with your local Designated Firearms Officer.
Unfortunately, no refunds can be accommodated, should you make use of this service and the Designated Firearms Officer requests a handwritten application.
These documents are completed up to the point where they are ready to be handed in at the SAPS by the client. The client is required to personally hand in an application at his/her local police station.
Although we take every care to ensure a positive outcome on every application, the final decision on an application remains with the FLASH Head Office in Pretoria.
Please do note that you are not "buying" a license, by using this platform. The use of this platform is intended to assist clients with the completion of their applications.
The outcome of the application bears no reference to the fees payable for the use of this service. Therefore, no refunds can be given should an application be unsuccessful.

Southern African Wingshooters Association reserves the right to update the User Agreement without prior notice.

Please note that this entire on-line portal service to members is provided free of charge and is purely meant to assists members only. This service is by no means guaranteed fail-safe, especially regarding any email notifications, as there are many factors out of our/SA Wingshooters’ control regarding the timeous sending and receiving of emails.
It remains the sole responsibility of the member to check his/her firearm/s license lapse/renewal dates and to renew each firearm license on time, in time, and as per the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 as amended. We / SA Wingshooters do not accept any liability of whatsoever nature resultant from the use of this on-line portal.